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The advent of 3PL or third party logistics companies has come as a boon to several businesses. For one, companies no longer need to worry about whether their shipment has reached the intended destination on time or not. Not only do these third party logistics companies take care of the transportation, they also take care of warehousing, which is one of the reasons for their increasing popularity.

Recent market research statistics indicate that nearly 75 percent of suppliers and manufacturers in the United States of America alone are depending on 3PL companies to provide them with logistics support. In fact most of them have completely outsourced their logistics needs to these companies. This allows them in turn to concentrate on the core areas of their business. In the long run outsourcing to a reliable third party logistics company not only means better economics, but also improved customer service.

A 3PL company would typically provide services which involve setting up and then running of the logistics operations for any operating company. The services offered by a third party logistics company could be as simple as managing freight and brokering. In some other cases it could also be as complex as taking over the entire logistics function of an operating company. In such instances the third party logistics company would take care of everything from transportation of shipment to warehousing and even distribution of the products. Since a 3PL company can take care of storage and distribution, this allows businesses to save substantial amounts of money on warehousing. With all these advantages, it is no wonder that the popularity of 3PL companies is on the rise.

You can easily find a 3PL company near you through a search over the internet. There are scores of third party logistics companies that operate these days. It is important that you consider certain factors before you choose one. One of the best ways to choose a third party logistics provider is to make a visit to their premises. This would give you a good idea about the warehousing facilities on offer. You can also talk to some of their existing customers who can give you honest information about the particular 3PL company.

Save On Freight is one name that immediately springs to mind when it comes to an example for a reliable 3PL company. This company is represented by online and offers its customer a multimodal transport system that ensures timely delivery of shipments across the world.

A 3PL company would typically have excellent working relationship with other freight forwarding, truck companies and LTL freight carriers. Moreover they are also adept at moving ship by air, land and over sea. As an entrepreneur all that you need to do is to ensure that your shipment is properly packaged and ready for pickup. Right from the pickup to the warehousing and delivery, everything else will be handled in a professional manner by a third party logistics company. You can find out in detail about the various services that a third party logistics company can offer you by visiting

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