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Freight forwarding is a multi-billion dollar industry nowadays. In fact one cannot imagine a world without goods being transported from one place to another. Man has been trading for centuries together now. While in the early days goods were transported mostly over sea and land, the advent of the airplane totally transformed the way goods way goods, especially small packages were transported. Smooth running of international trade and commerce owes itself to the freight forwarding industry, which is rapidly growing by the day. One of the latest trends to hit the industry is the advent of the less than load carriers. Known popularly as LTL carriers, they enable businesses to transport small shipments to literally anywhere in the world, while saving substantial amounts of money when compared to full truckload carriers.

An increasing number of businesses are taking advantage of the flexibility and cost effectiveness of LTL freight carriers. No longer do they need to book the entire space on a full truckload carrier for carrying small shipments and end up paying through their nose. With an LTL freight carrier they only need to pay for the space that their product takes up inside the truck. LTL freight carriers make sense in the highly competitive times of today.

Most of the leading LTL carriers these days work based on a multimodal transport system. What this means is that they have an integrated network which consists of using land, sea and air routes. This enables them to transport goods that much more quickly than other conventional modes. Moreover with the advent of the internet, shipments can be moved literally with a few clicks. A good example for this is, which is a one-stop source for everything connected to LTL carriers.

The intense competition prevailing among LTL carriers in the market means that you , as a customer stand to gain. Most of the LTL freight carriers are known to offer discounts to entice customers. These discounts are based on the quantity of the shipment, or in some instance the frequency of shipments. Many of these LTL freight carriers are also known to give discounts for those who establish an account with them.

Planning well ahead will also help you save significantly when it comes to LTL shipments. Your shipments should be for instance ready at pickup time. This is because otherwise most of the LTL freight carriers would charge what is known as a ‘return fee’ in case it is not ready come pickup time.

You should carefully go through the quotes before you choose an LTL freight carrier. Many people in their eagerness to have their goods shipped often tend to ignore this point and end up paying more. You should carefully look at the features or additional services that an LTL carrier may be offering before you hire their services. Some of these services may be of no use to you. In such cases, if you were to not go carefully through the quotes, you may end up unnecessarily paying for these services. To find out about the latest LTL carrier rates and locate a reputable LTL freight carrier near you visit today.

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