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Less than truckload shipping or LTL shipping is fast finding an increasing number of takers these days. Businesses that need only a small shipment of goods to be delivered prefer LTL shipping these days. When compared to full truckload freight shipment, less than truckload shipping costs much less, apart from offering greater flexibility when you take into account that fact that it allow you to deliver goods deep inside remote areas too. With all these advantages it is no wonder that businesses these days are switching over to less than truckload shipping these days.

With so many LTL freight carriers available nowadays, quite often it is rather difficult to choose from amongst them. However, your can choose one based on certain considerations. The first statistic that you need to consider is about the promptness of delivery or on-time delivery. This would give you a good indication of how a particular LTL shipping company meets its delivery schedule. The second statistic that you need to look for is the claims to damage ratio. This ratio offers you an idea into the percentage of amount that is paid in case of any problem that is caused by damage, loss or theft. You should preferably choose a company with a ratio that is around 1.25 to 1.3 percent, which is the industry average.

You should also look out for the features that are offered by LTL shipping companies, before you decide on one. There are many value additions offered by them these days including, expedited delivery, informing the customer prior to delivery, shipment tracking and delivery right at the doorstep, to mention only a few. Although most of these services will be beneficial to you, it is also important that you choose only those that are absolutely necessary. There is a genuine danger otherwise that you may end up paying for services that you may not have needed at all. You can find out about the various features that are offered by LTL carriers by visiting

You should always ask for a discount whenever you are talking to an LTL shipping company. With intense competition prevailing in the market, you are sure to get at least some discount these days. For shipments of larger quantities, it is not uncommon to find discounts of as much as 60 percent being given. You can also explore the option of using the services of a logistics management company. These companies negotiate discounts based on the total shipments of their clients.

Many companies are known to give discounts to businesses that establish an account with them. For those who have to ship over long distances, you should try and consider a national LTL shipment company instead of a company that is only a regional carrier. This will enable you to make substantial savings on your LTL shipment. Comparison shopping will enable you to choose the right LTL shipper. It will allow you to compare the various different accessorial services on offer and more importantly the LTL shipment rates. Once you take into consideration all these factors, choosing an LTL shipment company becomes a rather easy process. If you are someone looking for a reliable LTL carrier, you can find them at

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