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Third Party Logistics Company

The field of logistics and transportation is witnessing rapid changes over the recent few years. One of the changes that have had its impact on the industry is the arrival of what is known as a third party logistics company. Also known as 3PL, they typically specialize in providing both transportation and warehousing services. In most of the instances they also offer customized services based on the requirements of their customers. Such companies are now setting the benchmarks in the shipments industry.

The advent of 3PL companies is also responsible for the increasing popularity of LTL shipments or less than load shipments. Those looking to transport small freight, ranging from 100 lbs to 20,000 lbs find it extremely reliable, useful and economical. No longer do you need to hire an entire full truckload carrier to carry your small freight. You can now do away with this expensive proposition thanks to the arrival of LTL freight carriers. With them you only need to pay for whatever space your shipment occupies in the carrier. An LTL freight carrier will usually work in close association with a third party logistics company. The 3PL company will provide the LTL freight carriers with business as well other services.

3PL providers are divided into several types based on the kind of services they offer. For instance in the case of a standard third party logistics company, they would provide services such as warehousing, pick and pack and distribution. Then there are those which offer other value added services such as shipment tracking and customized packaging. You can also find many 3PL providers who completely take over the logistics function of their customer. These types of 3PL providers integrate their business with that of their customers and offer professional and very detailed tasks for their clients.

A good example for a third party logistics company is Save On Freight. You can find plenty of useful information on 3PL companies on This website represents Save On Freight, which is one of the most reputable and reliable third party logistics company. Such companies have excellent working relationship with both national as well as regional freight forwarders and truck companies. This is what enables them to provide businesses with the best rates possible. All that you, as an entrepreneur need to do is to inform them about the shipment and they would take care of the rest, ensuring that your shipment is delivered in time.

With a third party logistic company for help, all that you need to do is to provide them with some essential information. They will then take over and take care of the rest of the things. From picking up the shipments to taking care of the warehousing, you can trust a reliable third party logistics company to provide you with many useful value added services. Some of them can also take care of the distribution function too. It is not surprising then that these companies are among the most sought after these days. You can plenty of useful information on third party logistic companies and LTL freight carriers on

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