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Third Party Freight

An increasing number of businesses are outsourcing their logistics functions to third party freight forwarding companies, known otherwise as third party logistics companies or 3PL companies. These companies take care of everything from handling of shipments to warehousing and sometimes even distribution. This frees the operating company from the logistics related worries, allowing them to concentrate on other core competencies. This in turn results in reduced overheads and superior customer service, both of which are important for the success of any business in the modern competitive world.

A third party freight forwarding company will typically offer you a host of value added services. One of the most important among them is warehousing. In some cases they may also offer customized warehousing solutions too. This apart they may also offer shipment tracking service. Many of them can also help your company with the distribution function, once the shipment reaches its destination. There are also instances when such companies take over the entire logistics function of an operating company. With such a wide array of services on offer, it is not surprising that an increasing number of businesses are outsourcing the logistics function to them.

You can easily find a third party freight forwarding company through a simple search of the local yellow pages. Most of the leading third party logistics companies have their own websites which you can visit to get an insight into their working. One good example of such a website is You can get exhaustive information on third party logistic companies by going through this website.

A third party freight forwarding company will usually share an excellent rapport with other less than load or LTL carriers and truck companies. This enables them to build a vast network over a period of time, which in turn enables them to serve their customers better. These days the trend among third party logistics companies is to go in for a multimodal transport system. Shipments are moved by air, on land, on sea and on rail, enabling them to be delivered on time.

You will just need to ensure that your shipment is ready and the rest of the things are taken care of by the third party freight forwarding company. With so many third party logistics companies available in the market, sometimes choosing one can be a confusing task indeed. Once you consider certain factors though, the entire process becomes rather easy. You should first and foremost make sure that you check for the standing of the company in the market. Make sure that you talk to some of the existing customers of a 3PL company before you make your final decision. Referrals are always a good source of honest information about a company. One good source of information on third party logistics companies and freight rates is You can get valuable information ranging from the latest freight rates to shipping tips on the website.

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